Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Timetable

Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Timetable

Imagine being able to explore the beauty and vibrancy of Cape Town without worrying about how to get from one place to another.

That’s where the Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Timetable comes in really handy.  It’s a super convenient way to see some of the best spots in the city while kicking back and enjoying the ride.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the stops you won’t want to miss, like the fascinating Two Oceans Aquarium, the historic Clocktower, the important Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), and the lively Long Street.

I’ll also share why riding the Table Mountain Cableway is a must-do, and what makes Camps Bay such a cool place to chill. Plus, I’ll talk about the charming Queens Road, the plush St. Johns Road, the grand Winchester Mansions, and the upbeat vibe of Green Point.

Stick around, and let me guide you through some of the coolest spots in Cape Town that you can easily visit with the Hop On Hop Off bus.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hop On Hop Off bus service offers a flexible and comfortable way to see Cape Town’s top sites.
  • The Two Oceans Aquarium is perfect for a family outing and understanding marine life.
  • Historical landmarks like the Clocktower at the V&A Waterfront add depth to your visit.
  • Stops such as the Table Mountain Cableway and Camps Bay showcase Cape Town’s natural beauty.
  • Areas like Long Street and Green Point offer vibrant nightlife and cultural experiences.

Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Red Route Timetable

Stop 1st Departure
Until 31 Mar ’24
1st Departure Last Departure Later Departure
AQUARIUM (Depart) Tour Office outside the Two Oceans Aquarium 08:00 08:30 17:15
CLOCKTOWER V&A Waterfront Outside Zeitz MOCAA 08:05 08:35 17:20
CTICC – Walter Sisulu Ave 08:10 08:40 17:25
LONG STREET 81 Long Street City Sightseeing Tour Office 08:20 08:50 17:35
TABLE MOUNTAIN CABLEWAY Lower Cableway Station 08:48 09:18 18:05 18:35
CAMPS BAY Outside the Bay Hotel – Beach Rd 09:03 09:33 18:20 18:50
QUEENS ROAD Sea Point – Corner Queens & Alexander Rd 09:13 09:43 18:30 19:00
ST. JOHNS RD. Sea Point – Corner Beach & St John’s Rd 09:18 09:48 18:35 19:05
WINCHESTER MANSIONS Sea Point – Beach Rd – Opposite the hotel 09:20 09:50 18:37 19:07
GREEN POINT Beach Rd – Next to lighthouse 09:24 09:54 18:41 19:11
Bus returns to City Sightseeing Tour Office outside the Two Oceans Aquarium 09:33 10:03 18:46 19:16

Please note that the tour:

  • Is wheelchair-friendly
  • The next bus arrives 20 minutes after the previous bus
  • Is presented in 16 languages
  • Takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete

If you would like to read more about the Red Route, please click here.

Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Purple Route Timetable

Make sure to check the timetable below so that you don’t miss out on any of the Cape Town magic on this route.

Stop 1st Departure Last Departure
Constantia Nek Interchange 09:55 17:00
Groot Constantia Wine Estate 10:11 17:16
Beau Constantia Wine Estate 10:25 17:29

Please note that the tour:

  • Is wheelchair-friendly
  • The next bus arrives 20 minutes after the previous bus
  • Is presented in 16 languages
  • Takes 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete

If you would like to read more about the Purple Route, please click here.



The first stop I want to talk about is the Two Oceans Aquarium. This place is amazing, especially if you’re into all sorts of fish and sea creatures.

The aquarium has a huge variety of marine life from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans – that’s why it’s called Two Oceans, get it? If you’ve got kids, or if you’re just a big fan of the underwater world, this stop on the Hop On Hop Off tour is perfect for you.

The aquarium is not just about looking at fish; it’s a place where you can learn a lot about marine animals and how important it is to take care of our oceans. It’s also a great spot to take a break and have some fun inside, especially if the weather outside isn’t playing nice.


Clock Tower at V&A Waterfront

Next up is the Clocktower at the V&A Waterfront, and let me tell you, it’s not just any old clocktower.

This red tower has been standing since way back in the 1800s, and it’s really cool to see it up close. It’s like a piece of history that’s still ticking.

The area around the clocktower is also something you don’t want to miss. There are lots of shops, restaurants, and even street performers that make the place lively. It’s right by the water, so you can enjoy some great views and maybe even spot a seal or two playing around near the docks.

If you hop off here, take a little walk around, maybe grab a bite to eat, and soak in the atmosphere of this historic spot.


Now, the Cape Town International Convention Centre, or CTICC for short, is definitely a key stop for people coming to Cape Town for business and events.

But it’s not just for the suit and tie crowd. The CTICC is a huge building where all sorts of things happen, from big conferences to trade shows, and sometimes even concerts or art shows. It’s right in the heart of the city, so it’s really easy to get to, and it’s super modern and impressive to look at.

Whenever there’s something cool happening in town, there’s a good chance it’s at the CTICC. It’s also near some other interesting places, so when you hop off here, you could also explore the area a bit.

You might see people from all over coming here for the different events, and it gives you a feel for how Cape Town is a place where the world meets.

Long Street

Long Street

Let’s talk about Long Street – one of the most famous streets in Cape Town. This place never sleeps.

It’s got a bunch of different bars, clubs, and restaurants that come alive when the sun goes down. But Long Street isn’t just for the party animals; during the day, you can find some really cool shops where you can buy all sorts of unique stuff.

Whether it’s African crafts, vintage clothes, or quirky souvenirs, you’ll find something that catches your eye.

And let’s not forget the buildings here – they’re old and beautiful with cool balconies and details that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. If you’re the type who loves to meet people and experience the heart of a city’s culture, then hopping off at Long Street is a must.

Just walking around here is an adventure on its own.

Table Mountain Cableway


If you’re looking for views that’ll take your breath away, the Table Mountain Cableway is the stop for you. It’s like a magic ride that takes you right to the top of Table Mountain.

Once you reach the top, and trust me on this, the view is out of this world. You can see the whole city, the ocean, and the mountains all at once. It’s one of those “wow” moments, you know?

But here’s a tip: try to plan your visit for a clear day, because sometimes the top of the mountain can get covered in clouds, and locals call it the “tablecloth”. The cable car ride is really cool too, the floor rotates, so everyone gets a chance to see the view while going up.

And when you check the timetable, look for times when it’s less busy, so you can take your time enjoying everything without too many people around.

Camps Bay

Camps Bay

Now, let’s chat about Camps Bay – oh, it’s a beauty!

This is the place where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the beach life. Camps Bay has got this amazing long stretch of soft, white sand and the ocean is so blue, it’s like something from a postcard.

And the cool thing is, it’s right at the base of the Twelve Apostles mountains, which makes it look even more stunning. People come here to swim, sunbathe, play volleyball, or just chill and watch the sunset, which, by the way, is spectacular from here.

There are also a ton of places to grab a snack or a cool drink. I mean, what’s better than sipping something cold while you dig your toes in the sand? Whether you’re looking to just soak in some sun or have some active beach fun, stopping at Camps Bay is a must-do.

Just remember to bring your sunscreen.

Queens Road

Sea Point

Heading over to Queens Road in Sea Point, you’re in for a treat with a mix of cool vibes and seaside charm.

This street is a straight shot from the beach and is lined with all sorts of shops, restaurants, and cafés. It’s not as busy as some other spots in the city, which makes it a great place for a leisurely stroll or to grab a coffee and people-watch.

The area has a kind of laid-back elegance to it, and you can feel that Sea Point lifestyle that’s a little bit fancy but still pretty chill. Whether you’re up for some window shopping or you’re keen to find a cozy spot to eat, Queens Road has got you covered.

Plus, it’s awesome for taking a break from the hustle and bustle while still enjoying the fresh ocean air.

St. Johns Road

If we swing by St. Johns Road, we’re getting into the more upscale side of town. This place has an air of luxury to it, with fancy homes and posh apartments.

It’s in an area called Upper Sea Point, and you can tell it’s a bit more exclusive just by looking around. The cool thing is, even though it’s an upmarket area, it’s still friendly and welcoming.

If you take a walk around here, you’ll see some really nice examples of how the well-to-do in Cape Town live. There might not be as many touristy things to do like in other spots, but the vibe here is all about soaking in the high-end lifestyle.

Plus, it’s close to some amazing views of the ocean and the city, so it’s definitely worth a quick stop and a look around.

Winchester Mansions

Alright, let’s talk about the Winchester Mansions. This isn’t just any old hotel – it’s a piece of Cape Town’s history that’s been turned into a really classy place to stay or even just visit.

It’s right there on the beachfront, so the views are top-notch. The building itself is built in this cool colonial style that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a more elegant era. They often have jazz brunches on Sundays, which are really popular and a great way to feel fancy for a bit while listening to some smooth tunes.

Even if you’re not staying there, it’s worth hopping off to take a peek at the architecture and the vibe of the place.

Who knows, you might even decide to pop in for a drink or a bite if that jazz is calling your name.

Green Point

Green Point

The last stop I’ll talk about is Green Point. This place is so full of energy; it’s buzzing pretty much all the time.

Green Point is known for its cool markets, cafes, and shops. But the real highlight here is the Green Point Park. It’s this big, beautiful park where you can go for a walk, have a picnic, or just sit on the grass and relax.

Families love it because there’s lots of space for kids to run around, and there’s even an outdoor gym and a play park. The park is right next to the famous Cape Town Stadium, which looks really impressive, especially when there’s a game on.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of nature in the city, some good food, or a fun place to hang out with friends, Green Point has got it all.

It’s the perfect stop to end your day before hopping back on the bus.


Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Timetable

In conclusion, the Hop On Hop Off bus service in Cape Town is a fantastic way to see the best parts of this stunning city at your own pace.

Each stop has its own unique charm and attractions, from the marine wonders at the Two Oceans Aquarium, to the historic significance of the Clocktower and the buzzing atmosphere of Long Street.

Riding up the Table Mountain Cableway offers unmatched views, while the beaches of Camps Bay provide the perfect relaxation spot.

With the elegance of Queens Road and St. Johns Road, the historic beauty of Winchester Mansions, and the lively vibe of Green Point, you’ve got a full day (or more!) of exploration.

The Hop On Hop Off experience is tailor-made for convenience and fun, making it an unbeatable way to create memories in Cape Town. Whether you’re a local looking for a day out or a visitor soaking in the city, this bus service is one of the best ways to enjoy Cape Town’s diverse offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times does the Hop On Hop Off bus service operate in Cape Town?

The bus service usually starts running in the morning around 9 am and goes until the late afternoon or early evening. Timings can change depending on the season, so it’s a good idea to check the latest timetable when planning your day.

Can I buy tickets for the Hop On Hop Off bus on the day I want to travel?

Yes, you can usually buy tickets on the day you want to travel. You can hop on the bus and buy them right there from the driver or the staffer on board. But if you want to be sure you get a spot, especially during busy times, you might want to buy your tickets in advance online or at one of the ticket offices.

Are there any combo tickets that include the Hop On Hop Off bus and other attractions like the Table Mountain Cableway?

Yes, there are often combo tickets available that can save you money on both the bus tour and attractions like the Table Mountain Cableway. It’s worth checking out the official Hop On Hop Off website or asking at their ticket offices for any deals or discounts on combo tickets.

Is the Hop On Hop Off bus wheelchair accessible?

Most of the buses in Cape Town’s Hop On Hop Off fleet are wheelchair accessible, which means they have ramps or lifts and space for a wheelchair inside. It’s always smart to let them know ahead of time if you need any special assistance, just to make sure they can help you out in the best way possible.

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