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Have you ever dreamed of seeing the beauty of Cape Town in a fun and easy way? Let me tell you about a great option: Hop On Hop Off Cape Town, operated by City Sightseeing South Africa.

This service is where you can ride on lovely double-decker buses as they take you around the city. Picture yourself sitting on the top of an open bus, with the wind in your hair, as you look out at the stunning views.

The best part is you can hop off at any stop, check out the sights, and then hop back on the next bus.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to see the city at their pace. You’ll get to see all the cool places in Cape Town without worrying about how to get there. There are several routes with different stops, so you can pick the one that has the stuff you’re most excited about.

Plus, if you’re not sure what to see, the buses come with stories and facts about Cape Town that you can listen to in lots of languages.

In this article, I’ll talk about how Hop On Hop Off works, explain all the routes and stops, give you some tips for your journey, and share some extra benefits you get with your ticket.

If you’re ready to discover Cape Town in a relaxed, flexible, and fun way, keep reading to find out how to make the most out of the Hop On Hop Off bus service.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hop On Hop Off Cape Town bus service offers a flexible and convenient way to explore the city’s sights.
  • You can hop off at any stop, explore, and hop back on the next bus, creating a personalized sightseeing itinerary.
  • The service provides several routes, each with its own unique stops and attractions.
  • Information on the best times to use the buses and ticket validity will help in planning your journey.
  • Added perks include a booklet with discounts, multi-language commentary, and accessibility for all travelers.

How Hop On Hop Off Works

Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Stops And Attractions

So, let me explain how this service works. First, you get a ticket that lets you use the City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off buses for a certain amount of time. With that ticket, you can get on and off the bus at any of the stops on the route.

The buses are really cool because they’re open on top which means you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city while you ride. They run regularly, so after you’ve spent some time exploring a stop, you won’t have to wait long for the next bus.

The buses also have an audio guide that tells you cool stories and facts about Cape Town in several languages. Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi on board, so you can look things up or tell your friends about the awesome time you’re having. The best thing is that this service is super easy to use.

It’s perfect for anyone, whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’ve been in Cape Town for a while but want to see it in a new way.

Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Ticket Prices

There are various ticket options available, however, the Classic Hop On Hop Off ticket is a fan-favourite. It costs R279 per adult and R165 per child and it includes the following:

  • Walking Tour
  • Official Hop On Hop Off tour
  • Comfort and safety in the open-air
  • Valid for all 3 Hop On Hop Off routes
  • 1 Day on the bus

Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Routes and Stops

The Hop On Hop Off Cape Town bus service has different routes, and each one has its special stops. Here are the routes that you can choose from:

The Red Route

Stops on this route:

  • 1. Aquarium
  • 2. The Clock Tower
  • 3. Cape Town Convention Centre
  • 5. 81 Long Street
  • 7. Table Mountain Lower Cableway Station
  • 8. Camps Bay Beachfront
  • 9. Queens Road opposite the President Hotel
  • 10. St John’s Road
  • 11. Winchester Mansions Hotel
  • 12. Green Point Lighthouse

The Blue Route (Mini Peninsula Tour)

  • 1. Aquarium
  • 4. Lower Long Street – outside Hotel Sky
  • 5. City Sightseeing Downtown Tour office
  • 15. Mount Nelson Hotel
  • 20. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  • 21. Constantia Nek Interchange
  • 22. World of Birds Park in Hout Bay
  • 23. Imizamo Yethu Township
  • 24. Mariner’s Wharf at Hout Bay Harbor
  • 8. Camps Bay Beachfront
  • 9. Queens Road opposite the President Hotel
  • 10. St John’s Road
  • 11. Winchester Mansions Hotel
  • 12. Green Point Lighthouse

The Purple Route (Wine Tour)

  • 1. Constantia Nek Interchange
  • 2. Silvermist Organic Wine Estate
  • 3. Groot Constantia Wine Estate
  • 4. Beau Constantia Wine Estate

These are just a few examples of the stops, and there are a lot more. What’s great is that you can switch between routes to see different things.

Each stop has something special, so you can get off where you want and spend as much time as you like. There are maps and signs to help you find your way, and the audio guide on the bus gives you tips on what to see and do at each stop. With Hop On Hop Off, you get the chance to see the best parts of Cape Town, all at your own pace.

Planning Your Journey

Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Timetable

Thinking about when to hop on one of these buses? The best times really depend on what you like. If you’re not a fan of big crowds, early mornings or late afternoons might be the best times to ride. The weather in Cape Town can change a lot, so check the forecast before you go.

If you want those great views from the top deck, you’ll want a sunny day.

When you’re visiting Cape Town for the first time, I suggest starting with the Red Route because it takes you to some of the most popular spots. But remember, your ticket is like a key that opens up all the routes for you. Usually, tickets are good for one day, but make sure you know how long yours lasts.

That way, you can see everything you want without running out of time.

When you’re ready to start your adventure, you can get on the bus at any stop. If you bought your ticket online, just show it on your phone to the driver, and they’ll swap it for a real ticket.

Keep your ticket safe, because you’ll need it every time you get back on the bus. If you’re not sure where to start, two good spots are at the V&A Waterfront or on Long Street in the city. Remember to have fun and enjoy every moment as you explore beautiful Cape Town on these unique buses.

Additional Benefits & Services

The Hop On Hop Off service in Cape Town comes with a bunch of cool perks. For starters, when you buy a ticket, you also get a booklet loaded with discounts. This booklet can save you some cash on fun things to do, like going up Table Mountain with the cable car. Trust me, the views up there are awesome and totally worth it.

Now, when you’re cruising around on the bus, there’s a guide talking to you through headphones. This guide comes in lots of different languages. It’s like having a friend who knows everything about Cape Town telling you all the interesting stories and facts. If you’ve got kids with you, they’ll be happy too.

There’s a special channel just for them – how cool is that?

Perhaps you’re thinking about getting around on the bus, especially if you’re someone who uses a wheelchair. Well, no worries. The buses have ramps so it’s easy to get on and off. And about the ticket – it’s pretty flexible. Let’s say you pick a day to start your bus rides, but then something comes up, and you can’t go.

No problem. You can use the ticket on a different day, as long as it’s within two weeks of your chosen date.

A couple of things to remember, though: the ticket doesn’t cover picking you up from where you’re staying, and it doesn’t include snacks or drinks. If you want to go inside some attractions, like museums, you might have to pay a little extra. But still, all the other goodies make this a great deal for a fun day out.

So get your ticket, jump on the bus, and enjoy discovering Cape Town.


Hop On Hop Off Cape Town Timetable

In conclusion, the City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Cape Town bus service is really a smart choice for exploring this beautiful city. It gives you the freedom to see lots of places without the hassle of finding your way there. You can make your own plan, get off at any stop, and there’s always another bus coming soon to take you to the next cool spot.

With the extra things you get like the discount booklet, stories about the city in many languages, and easy access for everyone, it makes for a stress-free and enjoyable day out. Whether you’ve been to Cape Town many times or it’s your first visit, these buses let you see the city in a new and exciting way.

So grab your ticket, hop on a bus, and have an awesome time seeing the sights of Cape Town.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Hop On Hop Off Cape Town?

It’s a bus service with special open-top buses that take you around Cape Town. You can hop off at different stops to see things and then hop on another bus when you’re ready.

How do I choose which Hop On Hop Off route to take?

Think about what you want to see. The Red Route is good for famous spots, the Blue Route for nature, and the Purple Route for wine lovers. You can switch routes during the day too.

Do I need to bring a printed ticket for the Hop On Hop Off bus?

No, you don’t need a printed ticket. You can show the ticket on your phone to the bus driver, and they will give you a real ticket. Just make sure you keep it safe.

Can I use my Hop On Hop Off ticket any day?

When you buy your ticket, you choose a start date, but if your plans change, it’s okay. You can start using your ticket on any day within two weeks from the date you picked.

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