Is Table Mountain Free On Your Birthday?

Is Table Mountain Free On Your Birthday?

Have you heard about the Birthday Month at Table Mountain? It’s the cool new thing for people living in South Africa.

You know how we usually try to find fun ways to celebrate our birthdays?

Well, Table Mountain is making it so much easier for us to have an awesome day.

They’re offering a free ride on the Cableway for the whole month of your birthday. This means you can go up the mountain on any day that works for you during your Birthday Month. You have to be a South African citizen, and make sure you’ve got your ID, driving licence, or birth certificate handy when you show up.

Plus, if you’ve got little ones, there’s something special for them too. Sounds great, right?

Let me tell you all about how this works and what you need to know to enjoy your birthday the Table Mountain way.

Key Takeaways

  • Birthday Month lets local visitors ride the Table Mountain Cableway for free anytime during their birth month.
  • You need to claim your free birthday ticket in the month you were born; it won’t work in the next month.
  • Only South African citizens can get the birthday freebie, and they have to show a valid ID.
  • Kids and teens can also get a free ride; they need a birth certificate or an SA ID.
  • The birthday special is not for hikers using the special hikers’ service.

How Birthday Month Works

table mountain cable car

Have you ever wished that birthday treats could last longer than just one day?

Well, Table Mountain is granting that wish with their awesome Birthday Month special.

Here’s the deal: everyone who lives in South Africa can get a free ticket to the Cableway during the calendar month of their birthday. So, if you were born in say, April, you can pick any day in April to take your free ride, even if it’s weeks before your actual birthday.

Just remember, this special offer doesn’t carry over to the next month. That means if your birthday is on the tail end of the month, make sure to plan ahead because once the month flips over, your chance for that free ride goes poof.

It’s a pretty nifty way to spread out the birthday fun, don’t you think?

Ticket Redemption Terms

Now, here’s the lowdown on who’s in for this sweet birthday gift. To get your free ticket, you’ve got to be a South African citizen.

Yes, that’s right. Only folks who live here and can show they’re part of this beautiful country can jump on this deal. When you’re ready to head up the mountain, make sure to bring along a piece of paper that proves who you are.

They’ll need to see something official like a South African identity document, a driving licence, or a birth certificate with a valid SA ID number. This is super important because without it, no free ride. Keep in mind, the Cableway staff are friendly but they have to stick to the rules, so having your documents ready will make everything smoother.

Isn’t it great that they’re helping us celebrate our special day in such a big way?

Birthday Special for Children

Hold up, there’s something for the kids too! If you have a child celebrating their birthday, they’re also included in the Birthday Month fun. But since they probably don’t have a driving licence or an ID just yet, you’ll need to help them out.

For the little ones younger than 16, you’re going to have to show their birth certificate. And for the cool teens between 16 and 17, it’s their valid SA ID that will give them a free pass.

Just have Mom or Dad come along to the Ticket Office with the right papers, and voilà, your mini-me gets a free ride to celebrate. It’s a great way for them to make amazing birthday memories. So, if your kids’ birthday is coming up, why not plan a day out at Table Mountain?

It will be a birthday they won’t forget.

Exclusions to the Birthday Special

Table Mountain Cable Car

Alright, so we’ve talked about all the good stuff, but there’s one thing to keep in mind. If you’re the adventurous type who loves hiking up the mountains, there’s a small catch.

The Birthday Month special isn’t available for hikers who plan to use the special hikers’ service.

This means if you work up a sweat climbing up and want to catch a free ride down, it’s a no-go. You have to use the normal Cableway service like everyone else to get your birthday treat. But hey, that’s just a small thing when you think about the big picture, right?

You still get to enjoy those stunning views from the top without paying a dime to get up there.

Just plan ahead and it will be smooth sailing—or should I say smooth riding—up the Cableway.


In wrapping up, celebrating a birthday at Table Mountain is made extra special with the Birthday Month promotion.

This thoughtful offer opens up a whole month of opportunity to soar up the Cableway without spending a cent. The key is to remember that this treat is only for those living in South Africa, and to have the right documents with you. Don’t miss out because of a forgotten ID.

Also, keep in mind that this special doesn’t cover the hikers’ service. But even with that tiny side note, there’s plenty to be excited about. From kids to adults, everyone gets to have their day in the clouds.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that Table Mountain is waiting to celebrate with us, giving us one more reason to look forward to our birthdays each year?

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to get my free birthday Cableway ticket?

You need to bring a valid South African identity documentdriver’s license, or birth certificate. Make sure these have your South African ID number on them. This is important because the folks at the Cableway use this to check that you really are celebrating your birthday. For kids and teens, the right papers depend on their age. Little ones need a birth certificate, while teens can use their SA ID. Remember, no right papers, no free ride. So double-check you have everything before you go.

How does the free birthday ticket work for children?

For younger children, parents need to bring the child’s birth certificate when they collect the ticket. The certificate has to show a valid SA ID number. Teens between 16 and 17 years old just show their SA ID. Just picture how happy your kid will feel, heading up to Table Mountain on their special day, for free!

Can I use the Birthday Month special if I hike up Table Mountain?

No, the Birthday Month special doesn’t work for the hikers’ service. If you hike up and hope for a free ride back down, you’ll be out of luck. But don’t let that stop you. You can still use the main Cableway on another day during your Birthday Month. Just make it a separate adventure!

Is the Birthday Month special available to everyone?

No, it’s only for South African citizens. So if you’re living here but don’t have citizenship, you won’t be able to grab this deal. It’s a way for Table Mountain to give back to the local folk. So if you’re a local, make sure your documents are ready, and go enjoy that ride!

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